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Parking Charge Notices

Parking Charge Notices have been a useful deterrent against motoring offences for many years and up to now, relying on time and investment from organisations to follow up to a positive conclusion. For these and other reasons, ICC Legal Services realised that many of these collections (despite a number of reminders to the offenders), do not take place. We also realise that the revenue achieved from these outstanding and mostly overdue penalties could be put to good use within the community that many of these organisations serve.

This unique collection service therefore, provides Local Authorities and other Public Sector organisations including Health Trusts, Colleges/Universities, a viable alternative to taking otherwise limited resources to positively convert the Parking Charge Notices into usable funds.

With our Legal team’s expertise in Account Collection and Litigation, ICC Legal Services will pursue these notices on your behalf, always under your full control to the point of payment.

The Collection Process

ICC Legal Services have developed a bespoke, secure system with a capacity to process considerable volumes of Parking Charge Notices. It has been created on the basis of extensive knowledge and experience within the management team and specialists within commercial and domestic Litigation areas.

This self funding system enables ICC LS to provide Parking Charge Notice collections for organisations without any financial commitment whatsoever from the client. With secure access, our system provides ‘live’ 24 hour on screen information allowing you to view the current status of all matters being processed and of course values recovered.

This process takes the form of a pre-action Final Notice Letter to the point of payment within a defined period of time and then a decision to Issue Proceedings on the remainder or, abort and close the action based on legal or commercial grounds.

Due to the many potential complexities involved, we would highly recommend a presentation in person to provide you with a more detailed overview of this collection system, which we are sure would compliment your current collection procedures.